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Women Who Empower Us - Yaminah Mitchell AKA Coach Yamz

Most people call me Coach Yamz, but my name is Yaminah Mitchell, and I'm the owner of Healing Is Work Coaching. I love what I do because I get to help other millennial women just like myself live life on their own terms so that they can stop doing shit out of obligation. Most of us were conditioned to say yes even if we want to say no!

Throughout my life, I've learned to follow my North Star by being my own advocate for self-care. This means committing to a daily self care practice, establishing and maintaining my boundaries, and constantly learning so that I can continue to grow and so that I can help my clients grow.

To me, empowerment means owning my power and trusting that anything is possible even when I can't necessarily see the path. But it also means putting action behind my wishful thinking.

I empower the women around me through walking the talk. I practice what I preach and I lead by demonstration. I am not someone who is going to say one thing and then do something completely different.

Until about three years ago, I had felt out of alignment with my True North. I was going through a rough situation at work, which was -- in all honesty -- a pattern on repeat, and I refused to continue to live the way I had always lived. I sought resources and tools outside of myself and got busy doing the work of healing. As I grew, I had to leave some people behind, but I don't have any regrets.

There are so many things I love about The North Star Community, but if I had to choose just one thing, I would have to say it's the women because they are so genuine and supportive. I invite anyone who is curious to reach out and see what we're all about. It really is a community like no other!

I would love to connect with you at my virtual dance party every Wednesday!

Go to and if you're ready to shake up your life and do things differently head to

You can also find me on social media at @CoachYamz and my website is

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