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Self-Transformation and the Eclipse

This Monday, April 8th, we will experience a total solar eclipse. Whether or not it is visible from your city does not negate the powerful emotions that you may be feeling during this time.

Eclipses are considered harbingers of change and transformation, and they can usher in potent energy that nudges us to confront our shadows, align with our purpose, and evolve into higher versions of ourselves. This is a time of great potential, where each of us can feel a simultaneous pull to go inward and to expand outward — like the ebb and flow of the cosmic ocean.

An Eclipse occurs as the Earth, sun, and moon fall into alignment, with the Earth's shadow passing over the lunar surface in a lunar eclipse, or the moon eclipsing the sun in a solar eclipse. Astrologically, eclipses are known for their intense and often unpredictable energy, creating a focal point for the larger patterns of growth and change in our lives.

A solar eclipse (what we will experience on April 8th), marks a time for new beginnings or climactic events, initiating shifts we may have subconsciously been preparing for. This is a time to make plans and get really clear about what we want the future to look like. The lunar eclipse, which will be on March 14, 2025, will call for endings and the release of what no longer serves our growth.

An eclipse can feel like a cosmic imperative to pause and reflect. Just as the sun's light temporarily vanishes during a solar eclipse, we are encouraged to peer into the darkness and acknowledge the aspects of our lives that need our attention. This is a time for honest self-assessment, a moment to take stock of our goals, relationships, and the course of our personal and professional paths.

Questions swirl in the air: Are we living authentically with our values and passions? Are there patterns or habits we need to let go of? What inner guidance have we been ignoring that now demands our listening ear? Self-reflection during an eclipse is not passive — it is an active engagement with the self, ready to uncover deep truths and set the stage for the transformations that eclipse energy beckons.

Be prepared for turbulence, both internally and externally. Old wounds may resurface, relationships may undergo strain or reevaluation, and unexpected challenges may present themselves. These unseen currents can be disorienting, but they also provide the opportunity for tremendous inward growth.

When navigating these cosmic tides, it's vital to stay grounded and centered. Engaging in mindfulness practices, increasing self-care, and seeking the wisdom of mentors, ancestors, or spiritual guides can offer stability and insight. It may help to recognize that these challenges are not obstacles but catalysts for the profound change that we are all capable of.

Individually, the transformations we undergo during an eclipse has a ripple effect that extends far beyond our personal sphere. By stepping into our true selves more fully, we become agents of change in the world. Our growing authenticity and aligned actions can inspire those around us and contribute to a collective shift towards greater harmony and understanding.

On Monday, let's give ourselves grace by not over committing ourselves. Instead, let's allow the day to unfold and let's give ourselves permission to feel what you feel. This is a monumental opportunity for self-discovery and growth, and we don't want to be so busy that we miss it! May we be reminded that this change we will be experiencing is not only inevitable, but it is necessary for our wellbeing and evolution.

Michelle Donice Gillis, Ph. D.  is the author of Following Your North Star  and The Other Side of Through.  

Dr. Michelle is an authenticity coach who uses reiki, numerology, yoga, and writing to help her clients dig deeper into their subconscious to discover what they truly desire, not just what they think they want, or have been programmed to think they want.

As a Global Impact Partner with Iaomai Global, she leads workshops and retreats for individuals and groups interested in leadership and spiritual sustainability.


For more information, to book Dr. Michelle, or to connect with other women, visit

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