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Healing Generational Trauma by Laura Lee Paha

Updated: Mar 7

If you're not familiar with Family Constellations, it's an extremely powerful method of healing ancestral trauma, trauma within your immediate family system, and actually - trauma within any system -- a system as big as the collective, or as small as the system of yourself! 

While it can be used to heal any system, working within the family system and clearing ancestral trauma is my passion! The more I live, the more I understand how much we are carrying from the generations that have come before us, and their burdens and suffering can weigh heavy on us, even when we have little or no connection to them or little to no knowledge of what happened before we were born into our families. 

The beauty of Family Constellation work is that we don't have to know. While a few clients come to me wanting to heal specific traumas or incidents within their family system, most of the people I serve seek my help because something in their life isn't working or they're feeling stuck in some or many aspects of life, but they don't understand why and don't know what to do to get unstuck

Family Constellations bring so much into our awareness. It helps us make profound connections between what we're struggling with now, in the present moment, and where these struggles are deeply rooted. It helps us see and understand that these struggles didn't start with us. The work creates a container where all of these connections can be seen, acknowledged, shifted and healed so love can flow freely throughout the family system again, and flow directly to you. The flow of this love and this life force energy from our ancestors, to us, is exactly what helps us feel more aligned in all aspects of our life. It's powerful, deep, miraculous healing. 

This Sunday, March 10th, I am hosting a Family Constellations workshop at The Healing Society in East Nashville. This is the first Constellations workshop I've hosted that is open to the public, and this week's event is already sold out, but it's the first of many I plan to offer in the greater Nashville area. 

If you are intrigued and are now wondering "what might be dwelling in the roots of my family tree?" and are bummed this weekend's workshop is sold out, don't worry! I already have another workshop scheduled for April! On Sunday, April 14th from 4-8pm at 100 Taylor Street in Germantown! I'll be co-hosting "HEAL: A Night of Family Constellations, Restorative Yoga, Reiki & Sound Bath" with my friends and fellow facilitators Michelle Gillis, Misti Dian, Becky Parker, and Maria Brannon. This will be a multifaceted healing experience with meditation, restorative yoga, reiki, and a healing sound bath!

Space is limited, so be sure to go ahead and grab your ticket to HEAL here: and mark your calendar for Sunday, April 14th! It's time to heal. Generation curses and generational trauma can end with you!

*Laura Lee Paha is an intuitive healer, specializing in healing family and ancestral trauma. Her passion is supporting women who are feeling stuck or are struggling with the heavy weight of "mom guilt" and empowering these women to heal their mother wounds. You can find her on Instagram: @coachlollipop or visit her website at

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