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Jessie Winters has it all: the perfect house; a loving husband; an adorable little girl; a career; and all of the outer trappings that signify a rich and blessed life. But underneath it all, she's missing something, a thing that she can't quite put her finger on, but a thing that gnaws at her picture-perfect existence and exposes the deep cracks beneath her surface.
As Jessie grows increasingly dissatisfied with her marriage and her life, she has a chance encounter with Marcus Demmings, a handsome and mysterious attorney, who instantly captivates her and causes her to risk it all when they begin a steamy and intense extramarital affair. And despite her inner turmoil, Jessie finds herself questioning the life she's been living-and whether she should leave it all behind.
But Jessie's affair with Marcus takes her on an emotional journey that forces her to confront the trauma and unresolved issues of her past before she can fully contemplate her future, and she must find the courage to move beyond her artificial life and into a world where she lives on her own terms.
What remains to be seen, however, is who will join her on the other side.

The Other Side of Through

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