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Women Who Empower Us - Nadine Jimenez-Langagne

Hello everyone! My name is Nadine Jimenez-Langagne, and I’m the founder and CEO of Matchmaking Nashville. Successful men have a limited time to search for their life partners. That's where my business comes in - we provide a comprehensive matchmaking program that combines introductions to some amazing women, feedback, coaching, and personalized services to help busy professionals find fulfilling, long-term relationships. Our approach is similar to that of a corporation outsourcing the recruitment of its key executives. We use a premier, efficient, and strategic process to find that perfect love connection for our clients.

I have over two decades of experience as a corporate executive, which I now bring to the world of love outsourcing. I earned an MBA in Services Innovation and a Matchmaker certification from the Global Love Institute, so I’m qualified to help busy professionals find their perfect match.

I'm the only certified premier matchmaker based in Nashville, TN. Other companies claim to do business locally, but you will not find them at local events meeting people in person, contributing to the local community, or being part of local organizations. Following my north star means making an impact on people’s lives helping them grow and reach their relationship goals. I believe that love can change the world and I’m helping one couple at the time.

An example of this is creating a workshop about forgiveness or providing guidance to the younger generations when I see confusion. I try to remind everyone that they are worthy of love.

I empower women to practice self love, to be open to love and to look for values over looks. I encourage them to find their own pace, to trust themselves and to be vulnerable. I also empower them to chose to do the uncomfortable and get out of their own way. I live an entrepreneurial life and work very hard for my goals; by believing the impossible and going for my dreams I show others the road.

It would be great if you connected with me on Instagram @matchmakingnashville or by visiting my website at

And check out my Linktree for upcoming events!

I love the North Star community because the women are so genuine and want to see each other grow. There is support, ideas, and spaces for us to be ourselves.

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