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1-1 authenticity

Do You Want a Partner to Help You Get From 

Here to There?

Do you feel stuck?

Do you know what you want out of life, but you're not sure how to get it?


That's where I can help!

Think of me as your aunt or your big sister.


Someone who's not going to sugarcoat the truth, but will tell you lovingly how to make the changes you want in life. And I'm going to hold you accountable!

Here's what to expect:

  • Practical tools to help you get clear about what you really want in life?

  • Weekly accountability calls

  • Healing rituals to assist you on transformational journey

  • Exclusive content on The North Star members-only platform tailored just for you.

Best Value

On-line Membership



Connect with others virtually to learn, grow, and heal.

Valid until canceled

1-1 coaching
Lotus in Bloom
Happy Friends Laughing

tools I've learned 


--sometimes the hard way-- that I believe can help you live an authentic life of power and purpose!

As your Authenticity Coach, I can help design a program that will move you from right where you are to where you wish to be.  So go ahead!

Book a session now!!

Starry Sky


If you have questions about my coaching program or if you know you want help figuring out your purpose and the best way to live your authentic life but aren't quite sure coaching is for you, click the button below and let's find a time to chat so that I can answer your questions! 

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