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My Debut Novel

THE OTHER SIDE OF THROUGH, is on sale now through the Michelle Donice Bookstore, AmazonBarnes and your local retailer!

I wrote this novel because I’ve heard so many women talk about the pain of being in a marriage that is falling apart, or how it feels to pick up the pieces of your life (or heart) after an affair. I’ve also seen firsthand women who go to church to be loved and accepted, but end up fractured. I hope the women who read this book will feel that there is nothing they can do to make God stop loving them.

I can’t wait to talk to you about the issues in my book, and about your own experiences and pearls of wisdom. You can join the conversation on my Facebook page or email me to arrange special appearances for your book club or organization. I look forward to sharing this journey with you,  and I truly thank you for your support!

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Motivational Speaker!

Michelle Donice is quickly becoming a sought-after speaker in the areas of women’s issues, inspiration and creative writing. Whether reading from her debut novel, The Other Side of Through, speaking on issues involving faith, family and developing your sense of self as a woman, or bringing her creative writing teaching experience to aspiring writers, Michelle has a message that resonates and inspires. She’s been a featured speaker at author luncheons, book festivals, book store events, and for book clubs, and she looks forward to meeting readers and fellow writers.

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